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Pressure Sensitive Labels:
Pressure Sensitive Labels whether on paper or film, are the choice for co-packers and manufacturers.  The productions line efficiencies and changeovers make this process cost effective and productive.  UV Inks, Laminates and coatings make them resistant to water, moisture and chemicals, and helps prevent abrasion and shipping damages. Many face stocks are available such as:  Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte, Metallic Paper (Silver & Gold), Films (White, Clear or Metallic)

Non Pressure Sensitive and Glue Applied Labels:
Also known as, “Cut & Stack”, the Glue is applied as a part of the application process.  Glue Applied Labels are a very economical and a high volume label choice.  You will see high volume and cost effective products with Glue Applied Labels. 

Promotional Products & Packaging:    
Pouches, Coupons, Extended Test Labels, Shelf Talkers, Neck Tags and many more items.  Promotional items such as coupons directly attached to the product, improves and influences customer purchases.  Resealable Labels add or allow extended text, where more information is imperative.  Pouches for collectors’ cards, to promotional giveaways at trade shows and exhibits are cost effective marketing tools.  Shelf Talkers and Neck Tags are great attention getters, whether on a supermarket shelf or a retail location.
Tags & Inserts:   
Header Cards, Hanger Cards, Neck Tags, Package Inserts from Bird Feeders to Food Products.  These products are made with a heavier paper stock or Clear and White Polystyrenes and Polypropylenes.  Just as a label, the requirements to identify, promote the sales and quality of your products, is imperative in any market place.

Clear and White Films:    
For that dynamic or no label look, clear films are on the upswing to give products that eye catching competitive edge.  From beverages to food inserts, to beauty products, films give a look and feel of quality.

Foil and Prismatic Labels:   
Paper and Film Foils add dynamics to Package Printing that ensures a sense of quality to the consumer.  Prismatic Labels give your packaging a fun, jazzy and three dimensional look.  Metallic papers with various patterns have that different appeal.
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